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Description – Mandatory OSH course - Construction



The purpose of this course is to give the participants specific knowledge about occupational safety and health. The participants will be introduced to methods which will allow them to work systematically with safety and health at their workplace.


Target Group
The course is addressing the safety representatives and managers who are a part of the safety work at construction sites.




Ø What tasks and functions does the safety and health organization have?

Ø What duties and responsibilities do employers, managers and employees

Ø   What methods can be implemented to prevent risks?

Ø   How to systematize the work with occupational safety and health?

Ø   How to use workplace assessments (WPA) actively?

Ø   How to influence the attitude of your colleagues and develop occupational safety and health?

Ø   How to work with the psychological working environment?

Ø   What is a visit by the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) like?

Ø   How to analyse accidents at work?

Ø   Where to find information?

Ø   Typical occupational safety and health impacts within the line of construction:

e.g. chemicals, noise, lifts and working positions


Timing of the Course

The course takes 3 days, each from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm It is divided in two parts. The first part lasts two days. The second part of the course is lasting only one day and will normally be held a weeks after the first part. In the period between the two parts the participants have to work on a practical assignment at their workplace – in cooperation with the other part of the safety and health group.


The participants will be part of the same class during the entire course. In case a participant is unable to complete the course, please contact DA arbejdsmiljøuddannelse as quickly as in order to discuss the possibilities of the participant joining another class for the remaining time.


The entire course must be completed within three months from the participant’s election or appointment to the safety and health group.


Course Certificate

The participants receive a certificate when they have completed the course. Presence during the entire course is mandatory. The certificate will be sent to the participant’s employer who should keep it. The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) can demand to see proof that the course has been completed.


Please Notice

Members of the safety and health group who have a safety and health education from before April 1st, 1991 must be re-educated if they are re-elected or re-appointed.


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