Tailored Enterprise courses

We can arrange all course types as internal enterprise courses and target them your needs and ambitions.

If you are more than 8


The course will be targeted specifically for your company. We will support your work with safety and health and focus at the attitudes and values you currently have or want to achieve.

We plan the dates of the course in cooperation with you and there is the opportunity to contribute with your own presentations.

By arranging an internal enterprise course you will have a common background for the further work with safety and health in your company.


What is included in the price?

The price for internal enterprise courses is normally a cheaper solution per student than open courses because the course is held at your company. The price is incl. course materials, but is excl. VAT, processing fee, catering and the instructor's  mileage allowance and if necessary accommodation.

Pricelist 24

Internal mandatory enterprise OSH courses:

OSH courses 22 hours, 40,700 DKK excl. VAT

Coordinator OSH course 37 hours 63,275 DKK excl.VAT

Supplementary courses and theme days:

One day 22,560 DKK excl. VAT

Half day 15,530 DKK excl. VAT